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The site overlooks directly on the Haram al-Sharif (Holy House [Ka’ba]).” “is also the largest tower in the world in terms of area. Classified as the largest building urban in terms of the total area on the face of the globe, where excess space land for the project 1.4 million square meters and consists of 7 towers”. According to Isaiah, Iran (biblical Elam) must destroy Arabia and John levels similar destruction to what seems to be the harlot’s abode in a distant desert.

The house of Allah, while Isaiah 14 talks of Lucifer’s rebellion, in Isaiah 21:9, God finally ends it leveling a prophetic oracle against this harlot, the root cause of this rebellion. ” says Isaiah (v2) leveling this prophetic oracle specifically against Arabia (v13) even referring to Arabia as “Babylon is fallen is fallen” (v9) using the same announcement in Revelation 18:1-2 and Revelation 14:8 against the harlot city: “Babylon is fallen, is fallen”: And to see the nuclear effect, again, a few chapters before, the destruction of Babylon is described as being absolute and complete “I will sweep it with the broom of destruction” (Isaiah ).

Page Six reports the movie stars Law as a middle-aged married man who “makes a fool of himself over every ambitious starlet and model.” The 44-year-old character allegedly has a sexual relationship with a 15-year-old “concubine,” played by Fanning.

According to Page Six: “In the scene, the so-called concubine acknowledges her relationship with Law’s much-older character, but then protests that she is 21 years old.

Prosecutors confirmed to news outlets that they are investigating a possible link to a recent videotaped insult toward El Mencho drug cartel.

less Juan Luis Lagunas Rosales, who became known across cyberspace as "El Pirata de Culiacán" or "The Pirate of Culiacán," died after sustaining between 15 and 18 bullet wounds while at a bar in Jalisco. more Juan Luis Lagunas Rosales, who became known across cyberspace as "El Pirata de Culiacán" or "The Pirate of Culiacán," died after sustaining between 15 and 18 bullet wounds while at a bar in Jalisco.

“Manhattan,” often considered to be one of the director’s strongest works, starred Allen as a 42-year-old comedy writer who is dating a 17-year-old, played by Mariel Hemingway.

He has often cast himself as the love interest opposite younger actresses; there was a 30-year difference with Helena Bonham Carter and a 31-year difference with Mira Sorvino in “Mighty Aphrodite,” while he was 37 years older than Juliette Lewis in “Husbands and Wives.” Allen was most recently in the headlines for comments he made about the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment scandal.

In fact, we do, a Sumerian verse which directly identifies “Allah” with the bridegroom of Inanna, Dumuzi or Tammuz who was an ancient deified king who once ruled the city-state of Erech, or Uruk, as the fourth king of its First Dynasty, [6] at around—according to Kramer—the third millennium B. “The broom of destruction” seems like footage of a nuclear explosion all with the fury and the power of the ominous cloud that sweeps up everything in its path. This woman (the Kaaba), as the Muslim myth has it, is Bab-Illah (Bab-El / Babel) the Gate Door to Allah decked with gold and silver with declarations which the Bible considers utterly blasphemous since it denies The Father and The Son. Ancient history as it seems still continues, and it is still guised as “true religion”. 4-5, 14, 19 4 Langdon, The Mythology of all Races, vol.

Related Read: Mystery BABYLON and the Scarlet WHORE Saudi Arabia, The Whore Of Babylon, Is Feeling The Heat From Iran As She Reads The Writing On The Wall THERE ARE SO MANY CHRISTIAN SUFFERING IN PAKISTAN. ” Fanning relies, “I’m 21 years old.” SPOILER ALERT: In the film, while Law and Fanning’s characters flirt, they never consummate a relationship, said the source.

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