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As the teenagers surround Logan, Sophie turns the attention onto Hail, at which point Ben announces to the shocked teenagers that this isn't the first death to occur on a camp run by Dr. The teenagers run amok and burn down the entire campsite.

In addition, they go after Logan, who dies when his Toyota Land Cruiser crashes into a burning building.

However, they are recaptured and Ben is told he will be sent home.

Meanwhile, Sophie discovers that Logan has raped Trina and when Logan is put before the camp to admit responsibility for Danny's death, she reveals this to the rest of the teenagers, many of whom also were offered yellow shirts by Logan in exchange for sex.At this point they turn their attention solely to Hail, who tries to shoot them in the hope that he can restore order.However, after finding out his gun wasn't loaded, he is thrown into solitary confinement, to be left for the police to arrest.They had a total of ten days of training, including weapons drills, close combat, individual maneuvers and tactics, and World War II-era military lingo and hand signals.

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The last five days of boot camp- spent in the field, living in tents and eating rations- proved a test of their spirits as well as their endurance.As time passes on the island, Sophie rebels against Dr.