Campbell brown is sexy

19-Aug-2017 02:51

My mom used to wear Tempore Donna by Laura Biagiotti at some point in the early 2000's, and I haven't smelled it since then, but that one came up as a reference in my mind for some reason.

I see now that Wandel created that one in the same year as this...

Perfumes by Naomi Campbell are worth paying attention to because they are good quality, modern and unique.

That is why they are so popular, not just because of Naomi, but because of the scents alone.

Got it as a sample from some magazine and fell in love at once :) It was so warm, sweet, sexy, mysterious and totally drew me into some other world. The perfume had only been used once and it was still good.

So it used to be my signature for many years back then. It was selling for only 15 bucks so I said why not. There are a lot of notes, which is rare for a celebrity fragrance, in fact it's possible that this fragrance has the most number of notes in one perfume other than the Elizabeth Taylor perfumes, but unlike EL perfumes, Naomi is more subtle and does not throw up a huge projection.

Naomi Campbell is her first perfume made by Ursula Wandel in 1999.

The top notes bring a fruity-floral cocktail, sweet, fresh and exotic – orange blossom, peach, coconut, bergamot, mandarin, magnolia and thin spicy red pepper note. Maybe it's me but on my skin smells like a chemical superglue.

It is almost like a Bath & Body Works fragrance with greater longevity. This is like a stronger version or more elaborate version of Tahiti Island Dream.I still own a bottle, i hardly wear it but i kind of feel obligated to have one on my shelf. And it instantly brings back all those memories of being so very young and going out for night. My boyfriend Stephen said, "if this is going to make you smell like sexy Naomi Campbell on the runway, I'll be all over you! In fact it's like a fine sun tan lotion as others have noted.