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15-Jul-2017 16:36

The Planned Parenthood website provides comprehensive information on sexual health, from birth control and sex/sexuality to body image and relationships.You can also use the website to find referrals or your local Planned Parenthood office or ask questions anonymously through their chat or text services.Court documents say the alleged incident took place on December 31, 2016, a fact confirmed by Maxwell.Maxwell stated that the complainant in the matter was an adult female, but did not provide any other details on the case.

According to Staff Sergeant Sean Maxwell of the Redcliff RCMP, the detachment received a complaint of sexual assault in early March, which took place in Cypress County.

If you are in immediate danger, phone 000 (Triple Zero) or go to the emergency department at your local hospital.

If you have recently experienced sexual violence, get yourself to a safe place as soon as possible and: If you are thinking of reporting the violence to the police it is important that you do not change your clothes, comb your hair or wash yourself. If you decide to have a medical examination, the medical officer will: If you think you may be at risk of pregnancy, talk to a doctor about emergency contraception.

Information: Teens Health has a lot of information on all kinds of health issues that affect teens, including sexual health topics.

There are sections on body development, sexually transmitted infections, birth control, and specific questions that boys and girls have posed.

You have the same rights to confidentiality as someone who is over 18.

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