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We all have hobbies—stamp collecting, bird watching, whatever.

But in the late '60s, Cynthia "Plaster Caster" Abritton took up a truly unique pastime—making plaster casts of rock stars' erect penises.

It's the most notorious groupie tale of all—and the hardest to pin down.

In 1969, according to the 1985 book "Hammer of the Gods," Led Zeppelin defiled an unnamed groupie with a mud shark at Seattle's Edgewater Inn.

Pamela Des Barres turned being a groupie into a full-fledged career.

In 1969, she was one of the GTOs, an all-groupie band.

She explained that this has helped her to the pressure to always be beautiful that is put on so many other actresses her age - who often struggle with the demands placed on them with regard to their beauty.

Having lived in Hollywood throughout most of her 30's, during which time she was able to try 'every possible potion, herb, and cleanse', she slowly began to determine what elements from each one worked best for her and her day-to-day lifestyle.

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She died in 1988, at age 49, after suffering a heart attack while riding a bicycle on the Spanish island of Ibiza.Her first subject was Jimi Hendrix (when that cast cracked, she named it "the Venus de Milo").

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