Dating unge Ærø

21-Jul-2017 19:12

Outstanding triptych from the period just before the Reformation. The northern entry to the churchyard is provided with a cattle grid.

It was created by the famous master Claus Berg (he also built the triptych in Odense Cathedral). Every day during the Danish school summer holidays from 11 am - 3 pm (except during religious ceremonies) a church guide is availiable for personal introduction to the church.

Berlin : Die Gestalten Tilslutte Læsø, Dansk bueskytte stryger igen til tops på verdensranglisten. From this ancient church two relics are preserved: the baptismal font (dating from the 13th century) and th... The church was enlarged by a transept in 1772 and by a steeple in 1920, erected on the occasion of the reunion of Nor...