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The training is to become a certified Cultivating Emotional Balance (CEB) teacher. August 1, 2017 Number 1: Nonverbal behaviors provide accurate information.

Teaching CEB to nearly a thousand students […] Read More » Remembering the attacks through the eyes of an emotions expert September 11, 2017 It was sixteen years ago on September 11th that the twin towers in New York City were destroyed by the airplanes that flew into them. Not since 1941, when Pearl Harbor was targeted, had America been attacked, and […] Read More » One scientist. And it is not obscure; most people can derive at least some of that information with no trouble.

I still enjoy much of […] Read More » Is love an emotion? Let’s put aside loving your job or a piece of clothing, in which the use of the word “love” is as a superlative.

That still leaves romantic love and parental love: Are either of these emotions?

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Tom Ekman is a […] Read More » Inspiration behind my success April 12, 2017 With no parent to guide my passage through the bumps encountered emerging from adolescence into adulthood (mother died when I was 14, and I did not speak to my father for a decade afterwards), I deliberately sought mottos I could use to help me navigate.Cartea include fotografii a zeci de chipuri ce acopera bogatul evantai al afectivitatii umane, informeaza editura Trei."Emotiile ne salveaza viata, dar pot s-o si distruga.