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30-Dec-2017 01:38

Eight people residing in rundown houses along a highway, the sound of traffic coming through the walls.Eight characters, none of whom we encounter at the peak of a successful, satisfied, and fulfilled life...Young Romany Žaneta lives in a prefab housing block with her partner David, their daughter, and Žaneta’s younger sister.Her mother died years ago and her destitute father is unlikely to find another job after ten years without work...A fluid portrait of a poet in motion between dreaming and presence, between Paris and Prague, between a velodrome and eternity... He loves cowboys, he’s blind, and may lose his hearing.Pavel Jurda’s documentary follows his journey to America to visit the chief of the Navajo tribe, who wants to perform a ritual to help his hearing... He loves cowboys, he’s blind, and may lose his hearing.Karel Köcher is supposedly the most important communist agent to infiltrate the CIA.There are few reliable sources as to his activities, and so the filmmakers aim their camera primarily at the main protagonist...

The story takes place in the aftermath of a nuclear war that drove all the survivors underground.

Director Radim Procházka explores the presidential candidacy of renowned Belarusian poet Uladzimir Nyaklyaev during the manipulated 2010 elections...

“I don’t do anything on Sundays”, improvises Petr Král on the winners’ platform of a deserted velodrome.

The film’s innovative, fast-paced style moves between fact and fantasy - as well as found footage, poetry, and musical numbers.

The actors slip into and out of character, from dramatic dialogue scenes to documentary interviews...A group of Czech teenagers sets out on a journey to the North.

Match Me comes bundled with a standalone mobile website that scales seamlessly between different mobile screen sizes.… continue reading »

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Some people have always been unavailable due to mental illness and/or a troubled childhood. Seducers avoid authenticity because they don’t believe they’re enough to keep a partner. If you’re involved with someone emotionally unavailable, pressuring him or her to be more intimate is counterproductive.… continue reading »

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My hands were still pressed against her upper thighs, my fingers poking further underneath the bottom of her shorts, inching towards her panties. ” “Knowing this is why I drink.” Her nagging about the most retarded things pissed me off beyond belief. No wonder my blood pressure was bordering on hypertension. Being the clueless bastard I am, I probably parked in the furthest lot from her gate, but I’m getting experience and that’s what counts. Surprisingly, I found my way to her arrival spot easily and had to wait about fifteen minutes for her plane to land. It wasn’t empty, but wasn’t filled with a mob of passengers. Hun, I think I can handle three suitcases.” So this year I’ve worn shorts from the day school began until the end of the first semester, December 23rd. I was this close to getting a hernia (spreads thumb and pointer finger less than an inch apart). One of those carts,” said Larisa as she quickly walked over to get it. … continue reading »

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Unlike the previous Adventures and class challenges, missions are completely free and have only one difficulty level slightly higher than normal.… continue reading »

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These dishonest people use the beauty of the Slavic women to make bait and entice naive men looking for love or sex. Forged letters, appointments monetized, profiles that do not exist. After all, if you are done you have it's not his fault? After all, when the fish gets caught by a hook to which is hooked an earthworm, it is the fault of the earthworm or not? After all this can go unnoticed for him since he is accustomed to pay much more in his country. For this reason, in our romantic trips in Ukraine we associate each client with an assistant who will guide you, like a mother, a sister, a guardian angel and whose main mission is to protect you.… continue reading »

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