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I’ve given them nicknames, told stories about their escapades to other pet lovers. So when I’m trolling Instagram and I see you posting pictures of your pet, which you’ve given both a middle and last name, napping on your lap with the hashtag #momlife I need to break the news to you. The Pet Moms have allowed for a new lucrative market of clothing, strollers, spas, exercise equipment and even entertainment for their four legged family members. I’ve taken them everywhere, nurtured them through illness and woken through the middle of the night to relieve tiny bladders. It is a modern trend that we crossed the line from ‘animal lover’ and ‘pet owner’ into ‘pet mom’ with ‘fur babies’.“Increasing numbers of children are coming to school not prepared to learn,” she said.“Lots of head teachers are reporting children staying up too late at night, not getting enough sleep, coming into school tired and unable to concentrate and, in some cases, not having a proper breakfast.Even if I would like to do some of these things, a pet may be treated as a surrogate child but a child can never be treated as the opposite. Pets don’t come with curfew enforcement, mending tiny broken hearts and tutoring homework.

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Speaking before the association’s annual conference in Birmingham on Friday, she said many “unprepared” pupils were from poor backgrounds, but the issue was also felt among middle-class families where busy parents fail to spend enough time with their children.

I even sent videos of them being furry and adorable to my husband while he was out of town. The minute you used those words you surrendered your ‘Totally Sane And Not A Crazy Cat Lady’ card to claim maternity status of an animal. I can see how the jump is quickly made when you are elevating your pet to human status, using all your maternal instincts to nurture them and spending all your time and money to give them the best.