Internet dating sites for christians

23-Dec-2017 16:27

As space has opened up online for Christians, some have turned to the Internet as a place to find a Christian spouse.The mainland site Gospel Times recently posted information about 7 mainland dating sites for Christians.An online niche dating site is a site that caters to specific characteristics, beliefs, interests or hobbies of particular singles. Online dating sites that largely market to Christian singles would include among others: e Harmony Dating Service, Christian Mingle and Single C-Single Christian Network.For example, say you love animals and want to date other singles who do too. These dating sites are not pure online dating sites in the normal usage that we are familar with, but use the internet to market their matchmaker services.An example of these kind of services you find online is Great Expectactions. If you’ve heard of My Space, then you are dealing with a social network.Just know that if you decide to use a matchmaker dating site, you will pay a handsome fee for their services. They are not primarily online dating sites, but you can definitely meet other singles on them.They are a platform where single brothers and sisters can get to know one another. There are currently 14,952 members (6939 brothers and 8013 sisters). Love 2 in 1 As of day 1583 of the site, there were 16,936 total members.1323 members have found a spouse or are communicating with someone.

Christian Match Maker belongs to the latter group, as their main target audience is Christians.

A single Christian recently wrote to the Gospel Times Weibo about his/her distress in this regard.

In order to help Christians, some have set up Christian dating websites, both in China and abroad.

Here are 7 that we found by doing a simple online search: 1.

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Jesus Free Wind According to the introduction on the website, their service is free and they cater only to true Christians.

Therefore, it’s not only important for single Christians to be up to snuff in knowing what makes up a good or reputable online dating site, but also to be educated on what of online dating sites are out there.