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The modern university depicted in the photographs from the 1980s-1990s include construction photographs of academic buildings, dormitories, and parking lots. (Music); Smith, Robert (Psychology); Sockett, Hugh (IET, Inc.); Soder, John (History); Sorrell, Jean (Associate Professor Nursing and Health Services); Soyfer, Valery; Spaldo, John (Director Student Unions) Spikell, Mark A. Hyack, Stephen Burton, Betsy Dahlin, Terry Copeland; Chesapeake Bay conference; Glenn Smith; Minority students reception, Reverand Baltimore; "No Problem" in Rathskeller; Dorcas Goodwin, Don Gallehr, Mathy House committee France Pruitt; International Programs; Mark Crain (Center for Study of Public Choice); Lou Wetherbee; Claudia Murphy; Marlee Zalkin, Mike Fish; Carren Roberts; Mike Kelley; Wade Gilley; Glenn Smith; President George Johnson - evaluation presentation; Judy Pelham; Welford Clark; Marilyn Guiffere; Alfred Peterson; Mary Ishee; Jane Flynn; Terry Cochran; Joan Fisher; M. with video production at Torpedo Factory; Tom Deitz; Federal Theatre Project; Walter Williams; Management faculty; University Police; Pat Robertson; Law School Library - Scott Whitney; Gordon Tullock; Pat Riordan; Fred Siff; Robb Press conference, dance rehearsal; Chesapeake Bay conference Unidentified people (headshots and in groups), copywork; Debate team / GMI meeting; GMI donation, King, art donation; John Allen, public affairs staff, Sarah Looney, Mathy House; nurses, snow scenes, Bowen, Levy; Tony Hickey, art donation, moving offices and library; Richmond, VA legislature; President George Johnson; Elly Doyle, Admissions counselors; Sociology, computer setup, President George Johnson at Faculty Senate; Arthur Peterson in class; Arthur Peterson (home), High-tech announcement press conference; President George Johnson at desk; Betsy Dahlin, Freer and Sackler Museum (? D'Agostino, campus, Arena construction; STP orientation; Dave Shaefer and assistant, Alan Screbnick; Fenwick Library; Brian Turner; Telecommunications staff, STP students; Evelyn Moore, Andy Evans; Westgate fellowship, ASSN scholarship; Minority student registration, Arena contract signing; Alumni move; Korean Deans with King; David Arrow; lighting test Joe O'Hara; Barry Render, Marion Deshmukh, Stephen Saperstone; Jane Flinn, Peter Black, Jon English Unidentified people, meetings, events; campus scenes; Computer classroom; construction; Charlene Hurt, Fenwick Library, Mrs. ); Biology boat field trip; President George Johnson Unidentified people, meetings, events; Arts Gala quilt, Patriot's Center construction; Biology boat field trip; students using computers; dance performance, Special Collections African artifacts; Weight lifting; President George Johnson; copy work; art exhibit; choral performance; Glenn Smith Unidentified people, meetings, events; Volleyball; Art students; students at computers; snow scenes on campus; inside the National Gallery of Art; Cablecast facilities; dance class; theatre production; science labs; weight lifting; professors and students in classrooms; unidentified sculptor with rock Unidentified people, meetings, events; Micheal Behramn, Robert Smith, John Allen, Ave Tombs; Kitty Smith, Fred Grossberg; Dance class and performance; sculptor at work; Cablecast facilities; volleyball; campus scenes; campus at night; Prasenjit Duara, Suzanne Slaydon, Carol Mattusch, John D'Amico, Stephen Goodwin; Track and field; Patriot Center; Jim Pfieffner, Ernest Cassara, Louis Golumb, James Laurey, John Radner; Marie Worzecka; Peter Kimmell, Jack Censer; Tina Greco being awarded ribbon by Vernon Dean (Washington Redskins), Chuckie Eldridge, Fairhill Center; Andy Soll Unidentified people, meetings, events; Graduation; Sculpture with stone; Track and field; Archaeology Science & Technology; Fenwick library; groundskeepers working; Ron Shayka (Volleyball coach), information services, Don Marsh; student tour to Egypt; Frank Matthews, High tech, Leonard Liggio; Douglas Mose (Geology); Girard Mulherin; Stephen Saperstone (Math); Vernon Gras (English, GMU Press); Debra B.

Series 4 consists of photographs from the GMU Athletic Department used in game programs and promotional literature. Rowley (Center for study of Public Choice); Kenneth Boulding (visiting professor), John Seder (History); Center for study of Market Processes, Don Boudreaux, Jack High; George Selgin, Dan Levoie; Board of Visitors, Martha Penning, Brian Butch; Peter Brunette (English); David Kuebrich (English); J. Raskin; Judith Hill, Frank Matthews; Mike Mc Dermott; Maurice Sherrens, Miriam Raskin; Charles Vail; Basketball; President George Johnson playing golf, at home, with dog; Ruth Kaplan (Biology); Otto Wahl (Psychology); Jay Shapiro; John Bonfadini; Dance class; Prescription medications; Arts Gala; Housekeeping services; campus scenes; Nursing school, Fenwick Library; Nobuko Tsukui (English); Shep Krech, Carol Ondeck; Thomas Dietz; Barbara Knight; Rebecca Berbert; Faculty Art show, Inter-Club Council meeting Unidentified people, meetings, events; Harris Theatre orchestra event; Glenn Smith; Dance class; Ralph Roberts (Counseling Center), Lori Tiller; Jeremy Plant (Public Affairs); Deborah Kaplan (English), Roy Rosenzweig (History); Student theatre production; Stage hand protestors at Patriot Center; Volleyball; Carol Sears, Peter Defur; Transportation committee, Ellamae Doyle, Jayne Hart (Biology); Campus scenes; Nikki Giovanni; Exercise class; Steven Early, Robert Ehrlich, Eric Molin, Fred Siff; Louise White, Douglas Mose; Josephine Pacheco, Jan Cohn, Linda Seligman, Carl Ernst, Terry Comito; Manuel Johnson at the Treasury in D. Scherrens, "New ways to collage" show, Nancy Schulte; NVCC Annandale campus, campus buildings interiors, check donation, copies; dance concert rehearsal; PAGE students in interviews in lounge Campus snow scenes, Marie Walsh, PAGE student interview; indoor track and field; Army Reserve induction of Lorraine Rudowski; Mason Scholars; "Lid Lifter" women's track meet; Jazz Ensemble rehearsal in Harris, staircase shots in Art Center; Black Box theatre, piano student practicing, modules; Dance setups in Art Center rehearsal room; P. Moyer with wrestling team, admissions staff; visiting student families, slide duplicatior flash exposure tests; V. Return to the Table of Contents A collection of more than 10,000 black and white photographs, contact sheets, and negatives, taken between the 1950s and 1999, covering George Mason University commencements and graduations, campus developments, events, and performances. Provost UVA; Robert Krug, Dean of the College, GMC; Richard Wozniak, Newman Chaplain, GMC; A. Thompson; Robert Krug; Eugene Paige; Norman Graebner; James L. This series contains black and white photographs, slides, color photographs, negatives, and contact sheets. Haack, dorm area and Lecture Hall scenes, notable grads; W. Heller, students through doorways, campus scenes; P. EAD markup completed by Jesse Gastelle in 2010 and Greta Kuriger in 2011. Dean of the College; Rabbi Arnold Fink, Temple of Beth El Cong.; Lorin A. Hazel, Member GMC Advisory board black and white photographs and Negatives; Martha Turnage, Carl Ernst (companion negatives filed under Campus), Mrs. Boxes are numbered continuously from where series one ends. Linn, faculty awards, Potter and support group; Avruch, Gallehr, Riggs, alumni officers, Patcent and Theatre; B. Series 6 consists of slides from graduation ceremonies in 19. Johnson; Steven Kling, Keith Davies, President, Argentine Universities lunch, Nancy Bagrunoff, H. Quitmeyer; copy work; University Police; Mary Dzama, Blanche Skar; art exhibition Unidentified people, meetings, events; Buildings on campus; Route 66 traffic; Campus scenes; Fenwick Library; "I study" license plate; exercise class; Ernest Boger; dance performance; Beverly Brown, Kelly Hawkins, John Hanks, George Mushrush; Computer lab Unidentified people, meetings, events; campus scenes; Alumni awards banquet; graduation; Don Boileau, Joe Gurfine; Til Hazel; Mrs. Reed, Le Resche Siff, Jenkins, Skog, Juli Jones, Gibb & Carroll, Science & Technology faculty group; Egon Verheyen, Jim Trefil, Paul D'Andrea; Students in library; Computer training class; Susan Campbell, Margaret Mills, June Hull, Shirley Devier, Bedford Thomas, Mary Boyle, Kathy Adcock, William Rorabaugh, Bonnie Hankins, Hope Williams / John Jenkins; Joseph Gittler, Larry Bowen, Arthur Sanders, Mary Blecins, Charlene Calder, Pearl Daniels, Helen Barton, Elva Fones, Barbara Blundell; Abdi Bile in training facility and weight room; Ed Wegman in computer lab; Forensics Tourney, GMU: Leonard Bennett, Alan Stewart, Wake Forest: Lyle Scruggs, Mark Bailey; Anne Winther-Hausen, Margaret Anne Allen, James Bush, Helen Todd, Jennifer Hartt; Hugh Sockett, Robert Ruhling, Barry Beyer, Larry Bowen, Ed Jones, Jeremy Burnham, Robert Gilstrap, Albert Edgemon, Bill Miller; Doug Walker; Barry Render, Biology lab, daffodil distribution; Electron microscope, Cub Scouts visit WGMU; graduate student in lecture and seminar; Pete Kennedy at Bias studio; Bruce Manchester, Sheryl Friedly, Forensics mock competition; Graduate student teaching, Biology lab; David Kuebrich, Kurt Seiberlich, Diane Turner, Steve Coleman, Amy Thompson, Amanda Even, Ed Henry, Finley lobby and Finley portrait; Saul Bakash, John Paden, Faculty books; Biology class, Forensics mock competition; Jim Laue, Johan Galtung; John C. A (home); Dick Bausch with Cary Kimble, campus, woods, quad; Bob Fletcher, Michael (Randy) Gabel and Evans Mandes, Thomas Hill and Mary Cabell, Paula Lewis; Ed Heath, Charlene Gross, Kenneth Kelly; David Bailey, Carl Harris, Alan Cheuse, Fenwick Library; Paul D'Andrea, Saul Bakash and Roberto Marquez; James Trefil, Robinson Professors visit to Artificial Intelligence lab; Hemlock Overlook; Thelma Levine teaching, Roberto Marquez teaching; Egon Verheyen teaching, Roger Wilkins teaching; Carlos Feuntes in his office Roberto Marquez in his office, Roger Wilkins in office, Shaul Bakash in class; Tom Burns in class; John Paden in class, office scenes, Egon Verheyen in office; ECAC Women's track meet; Job Fair in Patriot Center; Warren Doyle, Wayne Anderson, Pam Tribino; Patriot Center, Art Center construction; Campus scenes; Sculpture on campus; Robert Hazen at Geophysical Lab (D. Dinan, Memorial trees, students; Charles Smith, Humanities II construction, Grotophorst, Hurt and Health, Memorial trees; Patriot's Day, Patriot's village, Field House parking lot; Early identification workshop; Pete Kennedy at home, Janet Reid, Faculty Art Show reception; J. Vaughn teaching, Cosmo, campus, students; Sue Fitzgerald, "Green Team", J. Nestor portraits and jogging; Jim Lewis, women's basketball practice; Arts Gala, Finley portrait, Smith charts, Market Process seminar; J.

These slides originated in the Office of the Registrar. Johnson quilt making; Linda Dorough; Ann Tricilo (alumni); campus office moves; Law School Unidentified people, meetings, events; Patriot Center; GMU bumber sticker; registration; campus scenes; Soccer; Institutional analysis OAIS; Track and field; Science labs; President George Johnson at Arlington; Cablecast facilities; CPR training; satellite dish; tennis; Mason Day (? Wood; Students on campus; King Hall dedication, David King; Graduate Nursing seminar; Ed Wegman; Warren Decker, David Steinberg, Abdi Bile in class; Paula Lewis; Mary Catherine Bateson, Robinson professors' lunch meeting, Kenneth Heller; Edward King, Dave Kapalko, Roger Kammerdeiner, Monica Neighbors, Roberto Marquez, Paul D'Andrea; Michael Ferri, Larry Bowen, Terry Weeks, Darlene Pierce, construction on campus Construction on campus (Art Center complex), Arthur Sanders, photo ID system; Elanor Symption, Donald Gallehr, Jim Grey; Admissions luncheon; Joan Shindel; Campus scenes; Mason Scholars; Fleishman, Buffardi, Mason Day, Behrman, Gall, Carr and dog; Cary Kimble and family at V. C.); pipe problem at Hanover (after repairs), campus scenes; student mural in SUB I; car crushed by fallen tree (Patriot Center) Jean-Paul Dumont with Peter Black and L. Woods in office, campus scenes; GMU / Shenandoah College press conference; Ernie Burger, check passing, Juliette Johnson, Shirley Coles; Nicole Liva, Brian Trent, Kevin Mobley, Lamar Mc Cowen; David Swanson, Marjorie Haley, Michael Mc Cullion; Wayne Anderson, Mary Fernald, Ernie Nestor; William A. Williams, Mary Morris, Vassily Aksyonov, Herbert Gold, C. Fairley in computer class; Alan Cheuse, Vassily Aksyonov, students, Coleman Raphael; Pete Kennedy with Charlie Byrd at King of France Tavern, Annapolis, Maryland Pete Kennedy in Annapolis; B. Kvancz, Jeanne and Jim Hendrix, Georgia Panther, campus shots, W.

The George Mason University photograph collection is a combination of nine series: University Relations, Yearbook Photographs, George Mason University Foundation, Athletic Department, Office of Admissions, Office of the Registrar, photographs from unidentified offices, and Creative Services. (Associate Dean School of Management); Donaldson, Jacqueline D'Onofrio, Christine (Women's Center); Donovan, Tom (Physical Plant); Doyle, Elly (Center for Transportation and Land Policy); Doyle, Warren (Hemlock Overlook); Drewett, Ellen (Human Resources); Druckman, Daniel (ICAR); Duck, Lloyd; Duryea, Michelle (ICAR); Dzama, Mary Ann (Education); Dworzecka, Marie (Physics and Astronomy) Eagle, Steven (Law School); Eastman, Michael; Edelman, Marian W.; Ehrlich, Robert; Eland, Ellen F.; Eldredge, Susann (Print Services); Ellig, Jerome (Economics); Ellis, Mick; Ellsworth, Robert; Elstun, Esther (Foreign Languages and Literature); Emsley, Michael (Biology); English, John (Management); Entrikin, Richard (Marketing); Engebretson, Stan (Music); Ernst, Carl (Biology); Erwin, Amy (PTAP); Evans, John C. Director); Fuller, Stephen (TIPP); Fulmer, William (Dean School of Business); Fukuyama, Francis (MAIT); Gabel, Michael (Mathematics); Gable, Wayne (Center for Market Processes); Gabriel, Arnald (Performing Arts); Gaffney, Kathleen; Gallehr, Don (Northern Virginia Writing Project); Galluzzo, Gary (Graduate School of Education); Gangloff, George (Admissions); Gantz, Donald (Oper. ); Gartner, Harold (Public Affairs); Geller, Harold; Gellhorn, Ernest (Law School); Gentemann, Karen (Institutional Assessment); Gessner, Ted (Psychology); Giacomini, John (Law); Gibson, Craig (Fenwick Library); Gifford, Jonathan (The Institute of Public Policy (TIPP)); Gilbert Lewis, Paula (Foreign Languages and Literature); Gill, Bob; Gillespie, Norman (Law School) Gilstrap, Robert (GSE); Ginsberg, Douglas H. Barbara (Education Study Center); Golamb, Louis (Sociology, Anthropology); Goodwin, Stephen (English); Goor, Mark (Graduate School of Education); Gordon, Linda; Gore, Irene; Gorrell, Jeff (GSE Dean); Gozikowski, Altona (Provost); Grady, Mark (Dean of Law School); Graham, Flo; Gras, Vernon (English); Greenberg, Irwin (Operations Research); Grotophorst, Wally (Library); Guagnano, Greg; Guillory, John (CSI); Guinier, Loni; Gulledge, Thomas (TIPP); Gunn, Betsy; Gurfein, Dr. Hoffman teaching, Gala committee tour, woman in computer lab; C.

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