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17-Jun-2017 06:07

Esiteks selle pärast, et mul on olnud pool aastat mõte peas, mida talle sünnipäevaks kinkida ja lõpuks ma saan selle talle ära anda!

Ei, me ei ole mingid bestikad, aga mul on kummaliste asjade peale hea mälu ja kunagi kui ta kirjutas ühest endale meeldivast asjast, siis ma mõtlesin, et tavai, ühel päeval ma selle talle kingin!

Fans are eagerly anticipating the show, as this will be Domoto's first official visit to Korea.

Fans have commented, "." Artists under the same entertainment company, such as KAT-TUN and Yamashita Tomohisa, are all known to be large-scale entertainers and so expectations are even higher for Domoto's show.

He said, "." Domoto's first Korean concert, 'Koichi Domoto 2011 BPM In Seoul' will be held September 10th in Seoul Olympic Hall.

So in all, I think we can say that the similarity to an English word is certainly a very plausible as Andrew, I have been living in Tokyo for 4 years, have tons of friends and students from the Kansai region, and have visited the area several times.

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