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An example of such a case is that of the Hōdhado ward.

The northerly extension of the settlements of Hōdhado ward by time led to the land from eastern strip of Dhiguvaando and Dhadimago wards being claimed by the village.

There is an abundance of water spinach locally known as Mahilanbo "މަހިލަނބޮ and plant varieties such as Syzygium cumini (jambul), pond-apple, mango, pineapple, screwpine, tropical almond, cheese fruit, ambarella, banana and many more.

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The channel connecting the lagoon with the ocean was closed by massive coral boulders in the past.Fuvahmulah is also the largest producer of mangoes in the Maldives.Mango trees are found in abundance and every year hundreds of thousands of mangoes are produced from the island.The other four divisions, occupying the southern part of the island, consisted of two eastern and western strips, bisected into four wards, (6) Mālegan and (8) Dūndigan lying to the East, (7) Miskimmago and (9) Funādo to the West. In the 1950s, the number of wards were reduced to eight, with the village of Dhashokubaa being merged with Miskimmago.

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Since then, no changes were made though the increase in population of some wards has put pressure on the neighboring areas, resulting in the extension of some wards with time, and some claims out of the traditional boundaries."Lake of Dhadimagu" or "Dhadimagu Lake" since the lake is located in Dhadimagu ward of the island) and the southern is "Bandaara Kilhi" (lit.

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