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30-Jul-2017 15:21

This was their most busy time of the year and as a new supervisor, he was not replaceable.

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His bosses seemed very happy with him, and they should be, he worked hard and did a good job. He thought he had a handsome face with well-chiseled features. He shared a three bedroom apartment with two cool roommates.

He had not even removed the loop of the belt from his neck as he quickly went into the men's restroom. This spun the girl and she fell hitting her head on the side of a wooden stool. "You asshole." One of the men said as he pushed his body into Jacob. The boxes contained only things that had been left in the closet in Jacob's old room after his roommates were gone.

Only then, did he remove the belt and return it to its place around the top of his pants. The other man was helping the girl on the floor up to a sitting position. "She was only trying to have some fun you didn't need to punch her.""I didn't punch her asshole. If she weren't so drunk she would not have fallen down." But by this time the bouncer was already there. The interrogation went on for two hours before Jacob finally said: "That is it, I am not talking anymore. Mostly clothes, not neatly packed, but just stuffed into the two boxes. There was no place in particular that he was going. It was hard, clean work, that was the kind of place that he would look for. The kind of place he wanted wasn't found on an interstate exit.

As the knot came undone and he was able to stand up, the girls with the camera phones screeched and ran away. She may have had too much to drink or just been aggressive. " She asked as she reached forward and touched the buckle.

Jacob quickly pulled up his underwear and pants and ran from the restroom. The two guys exploded in laughter."Get away from me." Jacob shouted and swept her hands away from his body.

Jacob's pants were loose without his belt and he had had to use his hands to hold them up. The first was Jacob being led across the room in the club by the leash made from his belt. The second was in the women's restroom, looking at the closed door of the stall.

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