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With Zidane ejected, France, which had dominated the overtime, sputtered and settled for a tie-breaking shootout.

An inglorious capper to Zidane’s brilliant career was assured when Italy won.

Bonds hit 26 home runs to pass Babe Ruth for second place all-time and is now just 21 behind Aaron’s mark of 755.

While Bonds slugged away, a stunning book, “Game of Shadows” by San Francisco Chronicle reporters Mark Fainaru-Wada and Lance Williams, detailed Bonds’ alleged used of performance-enhancing drugs.

But by the time three team members were charged with the rape of a black exotic dancer, it seemed possible that we were witnessing another and equally horrifying scandal—an over-ambitious prosecutor exploiting trumped-up charges and racial politics to win an election.

Last week, following disclosures that there was no DNA evidence against any players, the DA dropped rape charges—but maintained kidnapping and sexual offense charges.5) Tour de Scandale: With Lance Armstrong retired and most leading contenders banned after being implicated in a Spanish drug scandal, a little-known American, Floyd Landis, had a roller-coaster ride to victory in the Tour de France.

Then Young led his team on a 56-yard march; on a fourth-and-five play from the 8-yard line, he scrambled into the end zone with just 19 seconds left to play.

I was stunned to hear myself say out loud, “Hook ‘em horns!

Several of Italy’s biggest and most famous teams—including powerhouse Juventus, last year’s Serie A champions—were implicated in a game-fixing scheme.Apparently out of contention after a disastrous 16th stage, Landis rallied the very next day with a miracle charge through the mountains and, a few days later in Paris, claimed cycling’s greatest crown.But it turned out that Landis had tested positive for high levels of testosterone —after that triumphant 17th stage—and now faces disqualification, pending appeals.6) In the Cards: The St. All that eventually signified was that the Redbirds now boast the worst regular-season record of any World Series champion in history.”2) Butt-Head: Zinedine Zidane, the French captain and superstar midfielder, ended his exceptional career in disgrace.

In the final minutes of overtime of the World Cup final, a scoreless tie with defense-minded Italy, Zidane took exception to some trash talking and head-butted an Italian defender.I got bifocals just to read the agate type on the sports pages.