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Apple Root CA); file name, type and directory location; file hashes (MD5, SHA1 and SHA256); and "entitlements." Whats Your Sign 1.4.0 is freely downloadable, open-source donationware for OS X 10.10 and up, packaged as an installer app that also serves to uninstall the software.i Celsius is a family of products from Aginova Inc.JS Blocker 5.3.0 is free, open-source software for Safari 6.1 and up on OS X 10.7 and up.(A Java Script Blocker 4 download is available for Safari 5.1 on Mac OS X 10.6.) Go into Safari Extensions after installation to configure the extension or uninstall it.

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(We recommend removing Adobe Flash from your systems because of its constant stream of security flaws and exploitation.

Various probes handle temperature ranges as broad as -30° to 250°C and relative humidity from 0-100%.

(Response times vary.) Other features include the ability to store data on the device and export by email in CSV format.

JS Blocker is an open-source Safari extension from Travis Roman (similar to No Script for Mozilla browsers) that assists in managing privacy by blocking activities of advertisers, tracking agencies, and social media networks; showing the real targets of shortened URLs; blocking frames, XHRs, embeds, objects, videos, and images; and controlling other annoyances, such as alert dialogs popping up, forms not autocompleting, windows being resized, and more.

The extension also offers rules-based control, referrer blocking, and "Greasemonkey-style user scripts so you can make webpages work exactly how you want them to." The latest version lets you "store all of your settings and rules in your mac OS keychain", among other improvements.that, curiously, is being sold in Apple Stores in lieu of Apple further developing its own Air Port line, which hasn't been updated for years.