Online dating personality tests

08-Jul-2017 13:15

Many of these tests are based on research that might not be that well grounded in science.Broadly speaking, they probably do give a good idea of whether or not to pursue an assessment, but don’t let them become a source of anxiety either way.

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Dyslexia and Dyspraxia One or both of these conditions often go hand-in-hand with Asperger’s.The Key 4 Learning website has a Dyspraxia Checklist and a Dyslexia Checklist, which will give you a good idea of whether it might be worth pursuing further assessment.There is information on the same site about attention deficit conditions too.Related content: » Think you might have Asperger’s syndrome?

Each purchase includes a phone interpretation of your results from a certified professional.

Asperger’s Quotient Test The simplest online test, and the one many people will find first, is the fifty-question Asperger’s Quotient (AQ) test, based on Simon Baron-Cohen’s contentious the Extreme Male Brain theory.

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