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17-Sep-2017 15:39

The best way to understand this is to study your own pair of pants and see how they’re put together; maybe even cut up a junk pair of pants.

I have been making basic pants for my son since he was born.

Start at one point and sew all the way around to the other point to make a casing.

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Mark a start and stop point on your waistband with pins–this is where the elastic will go in and out.

Seersucker breathes well, drapes well, looks darling on kids, and just screams Cotton – all types Linen Seersucker (pictured above) Stripes/plaids Knits Corduroy Chambray Lightweight denim * Print off the pattern first, make any adjustments for your child’s size, and you’ll know how much fabric is needed. Trace your pattern to the fabric using a fabric pen or marker. Since your front and back pieces are already together, start at the waist and sew to the end of the crotch (or vice versa; doesn’t matter).

Do this for both front pieces and both back pieces. Serge all the way around the waist to finish off the edge and prevent it from fraying over time.

Attach a safety pin or Bodkin to one end of the elastic.

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Insert the elastic into the waistband casing and use another safety pin to attach it to the other end of the pants opening–so the elastic isn’t lost inside the pants.Elastic waist-band pants/shorts are one of the easiest things to make.