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Nightmare Horror can strike even in the most innocent of places.. Nightmare Horror can strike even in the most innocent of places.. 4th story was added last minute, but the author wanted to remain anonymous anyway.

These are 4 stories that take place in public & backyard playgrounds. These are 4 stories that take place in public & backyard playgrounds. If you want to send me a personal TRUE story of yours, please send it to me through email.

Moonlight – someone who always puts a smile on your face Movie Star – cute nickname to call a drop dead gorgeous boy. Mushroom – cool nickname for a guy that brings out the naughty side of you. My Beloved – the one with whom you want to share your life. My Love – classic and timeless nickname for your lover.

My one and only – your soulmate, your life partner. My Popstar – the one who is the star in your life; a famous, popular, man whom everybody loves.

Liljay – a famous rapper; one who is street-smart and talented. You can adopt this for any guy, “Lil-name” Little puff – a person who gets his way no matter what. Love bug – told to husband or one who is likely to become one. Machoman – handsome, good looking, sexy and charismatic. Major – impressive in strength and gallantry; a man who knows how to make a woman feel loved.

Log – one who is well endowed and jaw-dropping sexy. Lord of the Vikings – aggressive, hot, loud and rough. Marshmallow – Sweet nickname to call your boyfriend.

Moe – best nickname for a guy so perfect, it is unreal. Monkey – funny nickname for a naughty and funny guy. Muscleman – nicknames for boys with rippling muscles. My Knight – cool nickname for your knight in shining armor. My Lil chicken nugget – tasty, sexy and unputdownable.

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I will not read anything with poorly structured sentences and grammar, so all I ask is that you make them neat and understandable.Adorable – simply, lovely, sweet and straightforward name to call your boyfriend; add another descriptive word like, “hunk”.Agapi Mou – is Greek for “My Love”, perfect pet name to tell him he is the love of your life. This nickname tells him he’ sexy in a sexy language. Amore – means love in Italian; my love, my lover, my sweetheart.Mega X – Cool name to call a huge guy, just swap X for the first letter of his name.

Mellow – chilled out man, one who in control of every situation.The irate versions can verge on Censored for Comedy.

But behind the comedy is a woman who's had to muster her courage to get where she is today.… continue reading »

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This Jewish dating Washington DC event alleviates the pressure associated with random introductions and a calm and casual gathering with singles all looking for the same thing.… continue reading »

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