Seven of nine dating site

19-Oct-2017 02:52

(Seven's vision comes back into sharp focus.) SEVEN: Normal. Next time your human physiology fails you, don't consult the database.

A few changes (muffled under music)SEVEN: The bridge is clear.

(Voyager is still under construction at Utopia Planitia. PATTERSON: Sounds like you already know your ship pretty well. (She walks to the Captain's chair.)PATTERSON: Try it on.

Janeway is greeted by an elderly Admiral.)PATTERSON: You're late. PATTERSON: What's the threshold of the H-two molecule? JANEWAY: I've been buried in Voyager's schematics for the past three months. PATTERSON: You might not want to shut your eyes just yet. Don't get too comfortable, I have more to show you.

Her enhanced sight shows the otherwise invisible object.)SEVEN: I've found the weapon.

I've been looking forward to getting my hands dirty. EMH: Please state the nature of the medical emergency.