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Amongst the advantages of those schemes are instant stability and built-in a posteriori error control. Carstensen, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (Vice-Coordinator) link Prof.

We enjoyed eight very interesting presentations by young scientists with an average age of 27.

The topics of the minisymposium ranged from adaptive mesh-refinement and complexity considerations to implementation aspects and preconditioning. March, 2016 at the Technische Universität München As part of the DFG Priority Project SPP1748 a coding week on Isogeometric Finite Element Data Structures based on Bézier Extraction was intended for the doctoral candidates at the Technische Universität München. The first annual meeting of the SPP 1748 taked place at the TU Hamburg-Harburg at the end of august.

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für Fußball-, Volleyball-, Handball-, Basketball- oder Schul-Mannschaften. Mehr erfahren Aus Duisburg, über Duisburg und für Duisburg: Es geht um interessante Menschen, außergewöhnliche Orte und um besondere Ereignisse.

The success of mixed finite element formulations in linear elasticity with focus on the accuracy of the stress variable motivates new research leading to novel discretization schemes.