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05-Aug-2017 23:35

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Ensuring the adoption of safer sexual behavior among youth remains critical to preventing the transmission of the virus.

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We work with virtual teams that are spread all over the world and who we have never met face to face, our offices are remotely connected.One quarter of these new HIV infections are among people under 25, and the great majority are due to unprotected sex.AIDS is incurable and no successful HIV vaccine has been developed, so policymakers must focus on other preventative measures.On top of interview nerves I now had the added disadvantage of not knowing whether my connection would hold up, I couldn't read the facial expressions of the people I was sat across from and I couldn't create that strong first impression with a strong and confident handshake.

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How do you tackle a Skype interview and leave the interviewers wanting to know more about you, and what pitfalls do you avoid?

Remember that Skype interviews tend to take a shorter time than in person ones and you therefore have a shorter time to leave a great first impression.

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