Teen dating violence survey

16-Aug-2017 06:36

Further, when principals were presented with several options and asked to identify the largest barrier to assisting student victims, the second most-common response—following lack of training—was that “dating violence is a minor issue compared with other student health issues we deal with.”According to Jagdish Khubchandani, the associate professor of health science at Ball State University and the study’s lead author, some school principals are hampered by faculty and staff without sufficient skills and training; others, meanwhile, mistakenly perceive dating violence as a typical, trivial teenage problem.Principals who overlook or minimize relationship violence, the researcher said, lose sight of the most important consideration: student welfare.For example, respondents were most likely to assume that counselors and parents are preferable to students’ peers in assisting victims.Ninety-three percent of principals said they referred student victims of dating violence to counselors, while 85 percent said they informed the victim’s parents or guardians.Youth are less likely to be involved in teen violence if they have learned nonviolent ways to solve problems, if they have strong family ties, and if they have goals and a commitment to school.

De Leon, who has seen her peers being physically and emotionally abusive to one another, now recognizes the red flags—and she wants more support for victims from the adults in her school building.“I think we have to start with the principals at the schools, because they’re the leaders,” she said.

Youth Violence statistics show teenagers are becoming more violent.

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