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I can't even count the number of dumpsters I fell asleep in or the number of discarded, half-eaten burritos I consumed. The weariness with a work of entertainment can be traced to one of two reasons: It changed too much over time or it didn't change enough. I think we can all agree that without new episodes of Teen Wolf to watch and discuss, life is trash. Anyway, I'm pleased to report that those dark times have passed and I am currently sitting in my condo wearing a white fur pashmina sipping champagne out of a geode. I am nearly 451 years old, for reasons that are a whole story in itself and I frankly don't have the energy to get into it at the moment.Because "The Dark Moon" was a VERY fun prologue to what's looking like a very entertaining new chapter. I don't know why anybody would want to build a small Mexican town on top of a forbidding, untraversable mesa, let alone a CGI town, but here we were!(You could tell it was Mexico because everything was yellow.)Stiles and Lydia were clearly on a mission, so that's why they talked about being on a mission for a few minutes.Like, in this scene she didn't understand why they wouldn't just leave a captured Lydia behind.And Malia even admitted that if she were still a coyote she'd consider straight-up eating Lydia before abandoning her. I mean, she spent what, ten years as a wild animal in the woods? Like, yeah, as a human Malia is gorgeous and clever, but it's such a funny backstory that she used to be a full-time COYOTE and I hope this season plays with this joke way more.

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So I'm not sure I understood why this woman was straight-up torturing innocent teenagers (whom she knew to be on the up and up, and who really HAD been trying to find their friend) just to make a point about Kate still being alive. Just two female hotties trying to blend in and stay low-profile by grinding up on each other in the club.