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06-Nov-2017 13:21

Toby's vlog channel, Toby Turner, currently has over 2 million subscribers and 355 million video views.He posted daily vlogs here, which he calls Lazy Vlogs.In a recent update to the campaign, Toby and his team set a new fundraising goal of 0,000.If this goal is reached, additional content featuring his dog Gryphon will be added to the goal has now been reached and was announced in one of Tobuscus' i Sketch episodes.

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Toby's popularity can be attributed to his constant ability to be funny, and his amazing skill at improv comedy. Although Toby is 31 years old, he is still young at heart, which is why he attracts a younger audience.

About once a week Toby uploads sketches, Tobuscus Adventures, which is an animated series featuring him and his friend Gabuscus; music videos such as "The Dramatic Song", "Safety Torch" and "The Sideburns Song"; as well as "Literal Trailers", the most popular of them being his "Literal Assassin's Creed Brotherhood trailer", with over 45 million views.