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Brendon's even like "I'll quit this game right now!

" which is the equivalent of "I'll turn this car around right now!

Some random dude comes out but won't reveal his name.

You see this random dude has the same name as a celebrity, so there will be clues that will to identify this alleged celebrity.

Jordan knows that Rachel is probably pitching a fit downstairs.

Meanwhile, Rachel throws on some crocodile tears and a tantrum about helping Porsche, wanting to get sushi, fighting a lot with Brendon.

" Brendon wants to win and says he only came into this house cause Rachel wanted the money. Goddamn, I can't take these 2 for the rest of the summer. Once the sobfest stops, Dominic joins Brenchel in the lounge to propose aligning with them because they'd always be bigger targets than him.

Brendon explains this target business as well and points out Jeff isn't a huge target since he doesn't win anything.

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Dominic hopes his friendship with Dani pays off, but Brendon feels like the obvious choice for nomination is Adam and Dominic.I like playing to the extremes of the human psyche and like to expand myself through art.” Read More at Source.