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Some people imagine nepotism working very directly my dad taking us round editors' offices and demanding jobs for the children but it was never like that.It was more indirect; when you have a relative who's a successful writer, it's easier to believe that it's possible, that it isn't mad or arrogant to have a stab at it, that it's not an impossible dream but a job like any other.

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She started writing for newspapers aged 15, after winning a Daily Telegraph competition.I think I can safely say that was the most embarrassing 10 minutes of my life. I love reading it on a Sunday lunchtime, with a spoonful of the News of The World for pudding. Stephen Fry is a master of that never ashamed to be clever, never nasty, always funny and my admiration for him borders on reverence.Name the one career ambition you want to realise before you retire? The CV 1987 Sells a short story to Just Seventeen magazine.She is the daughter of the late writer and broadcaster Alan Coren, and lives in London.

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What inspired you to embark on a career in the media?Charlie and I spent a year making an X-rated film and writing a book about it (called Once More, With Feeling). During the making of the film, one of our actors (Eddie from Amsterdam) asked Charlie to leave the room for his "solo act".

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