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Hippolytus was enraged by the mercy that Callistus showed to these repentant sinners, allowing them back into communion of the Church after they had performed public penance.(This seems to indicate, in spite of Hippolytus' statements, that the money was not squandered but lent or invested unwisely.) Callistus' methods had not improved with desperation and when he disrupted a synagogue by shouting for money, he was arrested and sentenced again. Other Christians who had been sentenced there because of their religion were released by negotiations between the emperor and the Pope (with the help of the emperor's mistress who was friendly toward Christians).

”), but instead in ways that open up our bodies, minds and hearts with big “Ah-ha” awareness.… continue reading »

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“Dumeretso ka” is “go straight ahead” REPEAT Dumeretso ka Dumeretso ka “Hanggang sa” means “as far as” or “until” REPEAT hanggang sa Rizal Avenue hanggang sa Rizal Avenue Dumeretso ka hanggang sa Rizal Avenue. The man then tells Bob that he will see the bus station on his left. “kaliwa” is “left” “Sa kaliwa mo” is “on your left” REPEAT Sa kaliwa mo Sa kaliwa mo “Makikita” means “will be able to see” REPEAT Makikita Makikita Makikita mo Makikita mo Sa kaliwa mo, makikita mo ang istasyon ng bus. Since that’s a little far, the man goes on to say, “it would be better to take a jeepney.” Mabuti pa magdyip ka. “sa tulong ninyo” is “for your help” REPEAT sa tulong ninyo sa tulong ninyo “Maraming pong salamat” means “thank you very much” REPEAT Maraming pong salamat Maraming pong salamat Maraming pong salamat sa tulong ninyo. Repeat during the pause and imitate the speaker as closely as you can. It can also be used when speaking to one person formally, to show respect. To ask how to get to a specific place, for example to Grande Island hotel, you say: Paano po ba ang pagpunta ang Grande Island hotel? (You will see there the Pilipinas Hotel on the corner.) Kumanan ka sa kanto, at makikita mo ang Department of Tourism. … continue reading »

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