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02-Jun-2017 10:33

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Native Method Accessor Impl.invoke(Native Method Accessor Impl.java:39) at sun.reflect.

Delegating Method Accessor Impl.invoke(Delegating Method Accessor Impl.java:25) at reflect. Object Stream Class.invoke Read Object(Object Stream Class.java:974) at

If the JVM cannot find the class when you attempt to read a serialized object, this exception will be generated.

Check that updated jar/class files are available in the class path etc..

- From Review So you mean the original question was "Does anyone know how I can get more information on the error? " so the answer should be about how to get more information on the error?

Or the real goal of the asker is to solve the problem?

when i try to call a EJB which is deployed in the weblogic 8.1 from a stand allone client this is the exception I am getting. Replica Aware Remote Ref.invoke(Replica Aware Remote Ref.java:284) at cluster.If you're running mallet from the command line, it may be looking at the unzipped mallet jars and class files from a downloaded distribution, and not at your nice new class files created in your downloaded source repository..

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