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Many studies are looking at the effects older workers have on the workforce. Workstations and job tasks that are matched to the needs of the individual employee are always best.They are also looking at the effects different types of work have on older workers' bodies, and how to keep them safe and free of injury. Different conditions for different workers may be needed to meet the needs of any employee, not just one that is older. Younger workers tend to get more eye or hand injuries, while older workers who have been working for many years report more back injuries.This means they might find it hard to do tasks in which they have to do (or think) a lot of different things quickly or at one time.They may also find it tricky to work in a busy environment where lots is going on.However, that being said, there are some things older workers may need to work safely and comfortably. Most studies say that older workers tend to have fewer accidents, but when an older worker does get injured, their injuries are often more severe. Many workplace injuries are the result of doing the same things again and again.Repetitive motion injuries, for example, develop over time.The large number of 'baby boomers' born after World War Two are now aging.

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The main reasons for poor work performance are: It is important to remember that these situations which may lead to poor work performance can happen at any age.

As a result, there is information available on how individuals score on specific tests or tasks.