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The only thing to note that initially the Cancel button and progress bar visibility is set to hidden.

Here is the code where we launch the Do Work event operation, but more importantly we pass in data which the Do Work can use to perform its operations.

We have an active DM staff, QA staff and Community of wonderful dedicated people. Come join us and experience a living, breathing fantasy world come to life. " Due to a system enhancement, all votes must have 2 PCs, or the system will not accept ballot.

Please vote for two, or vote for 1 and add "nobody" for the second one. Only one ballot (containing a vote for 2 PCs or 1 PC and "nobody") per Player is allowed.

Finally we extract data held in Gui controls exposed to the user.

We cannot access that data once the thread is running and must get the data to to the Do Work process.

Here is our event which handles the moving of the progress bar.

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Yes, you can vote for a specific DM but they won't be announced publicly. Comments for how awesome specific DMs are will also live Team-side.You can follow any responses to this entry through RSS 2.0.You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.We get a numeric percentage which moves the bar along and incremental movements.

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The cancel is similar because we do the opposite of the initiation code above by hiding the controls and informing the user of the stop action.

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The Windmill acted as a navigation mark for vessels aligning Porthcawl harbour breakwater, Porthcawl Inn & the westenmost extend of the notorious Nash Sands. The second phase (1820-1860) saw the development of the heavy industries which necessitated the sinking of large numbers of new pits to meet the high fuel demands.… continue reading »

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